why shoes are expensive

Why shoes are expensive – Simply explain

Why shoes are expensive? According to the annual data analysis, footwear prices showing significant inflation by 5.4 percent. The men’s shoes cost a growing number 5.5 percent and women’s shoes costs are increasing 4.9 percent. In addition, the cost of child’s footwear, growing up 11.9 percent. This may be like a pandemic all around the world. It may be close to increase, which has consistently caused labour, supply chain and product storage even now. When we are finding their reasons for expensive of the shoes, we can find that shoes have limited supply process. But compared in it has very insatiable demand. According to the American footwear distributors and retailers, footwear prices are seen the fastest rate of increasing the past 20 years. It increased the price is 3.2 percent in a year.

When we are considering the reasons for this expensive limit, we had to know some main causes behind this. The price hike includes import charges. Also, the duties and higher wages of retail workers. According to the demand of shoes, we can explain their increasing costs. The sailors must make the most of product shortage with this situation. Shoes are the essential point in our body. Therefore, we are overall looking for then you and the highest quality of shoes to buy. All my expectation is to buy a pair of shoes that are worth the money we spend. In here we should consider it materials and durability of shoes. And most of the people are going to select the most comfortable shoes in today. While the cost continues to rise, shoes also may soon be considered a luxury. Are you ready to experiment with those luxury shoes?

Why shoes are expensive? The list of expensive shoe brands

Fashion industry will release a pricey pair that tries to lead the luxury brands in the world. In here we are trying to note here both men and women shoes, while which are so expensive than others. You can buy the Walter streiger one spending from $500.It has a unique material and off beat designs. This may be one of the most affordable signature shoes to average person can want style but also value for money. Another one is Brain Atword. these are the popular shoes right now. It will be $1345.It will come with the high heels and rich texture with bold hues. It can give you a guarantee to make a statement wherever you are. And, we can mention here the Jimmy Choe with $1395.This shoe will expect to be seen in a many red-carpet glam nights and this has a top level in the expensive shoes.

In above, we noted expensive shoes of women. Now we hope to mention here means footwear which are so expensive. Aubercy Diamond- stded shoes are the another expensive one. This will come with amazing leather work. Finally designing a pair of shoes that are not only comfortable on one’s feet, but they are with high quality. Other one is Tom Ford Custom shoes by Jason Arasheben.It will be $2 million. This made with 14000 white diamonds individually set on white gold. The total carat is 340 carats. Diamond studded Mercurial CR 7 Gold Nike boots also has large demand which are refined and sharpened, then tiny places are removed which leaves the micro diamond behind. Considering these shoes, you can understand through this value these should be expensive. The higher the quality, the price also be the highest. Also the best slip on sneakers are so expensive.

What are the qualities of expensive shoes?

Why shoes are expensive. From this article, we explained the reasons for that. And now we are showing you what are the quality of expensive shoes. Their most expensive shoes, maybe depend on their comfort. They have better features with more comfortable and these are designed to last a long time. And the shoes may have more stylish than others. When creating a new design, the designer that chose to make them with realising more stylish, and they may also higher price for those.

If you want the most attractive style, you should pay a high charge. And other reason is the durability of shoes. Some shoes have contained better materials which can be able to handle even more wear and tear. You can be easier to clean, and these are not likely to be affected by water dirt, debris or pressure put on them, by the wearer’s feet. There is a type of shoe that best walking sneakers for disney called they also now so much expensive.

As well as the most expensive shoes has unique designs. If they stand up with unique design, they can increase the demand of customers. There are only limited number of different lines with unique designs. This means they can charge a higher price for them. Another special thing is their special features. There are a lot of different features available in these expensive shoes. Manufacturers use some motion sensing technology to record moment, distance, speed, and calories burned.

Also, they are lacing system which makes it possible to wearers. This can control the pressure and support of the shoes. For the comfort and supportive they include shoes knitting technology. And other feature is warranty of these. It will cover certain parts of a shoe but will allow for the shoes to be repaired while something wrong to this. Accordingly, these benefits you also can get idea about the shoes. If you like fashion like how to wear womens loafers with shoes kinda things can be found on google just search your concern.


While discussing the question of why shoes are expensive, we could find out more results about the shoes which have a top place among the fashion industry. Most of the products are willing to introduce their products using the higher technology and give us the most comfortable shoes. From that they are expecting to increase their dim and get more value for their markets. When they used the technology to invent the best quality of shoes, they must make suitable value to its. Because of that reason, the shoes may be expensive. And the shoes expensive nowadays because demand is higher than supply. This article also will help to you improve your knowledge about shoes.

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