Is socks and sandals okay

Is socks and sandals okay controversial trends around the world

There so many fashion trends around the world some are normal some are special. So we are going to talk about a fashion trend that truly special. This trend considered wired by some people. But for some people its normal or a cool fashion trend. Trend that we going to talk about is socks with sandals. It may new for you but for the most of world it’s a cool trend. Actually it’s pretty damn good. So is socks and sandals ok that’s what we going to explain today. This is actually a controversial trend for most of people. But now this is a common trend in countries like USA. Nowadays you can see this trend in countries like Japan, Korea and India. This trend has become wired fashion to cool street ware fashion. You might think this must be a new fashion but it’s actually started long time ago.

How this trend actually started. So if we dig into deep this was a common daily wearing fashion for old men’s. It means this trend started long time ago even before 2000s. But it’s merged into a street fashion very recently. Some people still trying to say this not fashion. But fashion is all about what you like. So if we are going to talk how this become a trending fashion there lot to cover. As I say it’s all started old man’s being weird. But later it became a street fashion of black people. Then it was a common black men’s street ware since 90s. This trend also was a gangster street ware. Sometimes it was a gang’s formal ware. Socks and sandals with shorts and baggy t-shirts and different colors means different gangs.

Is socks and sandals okay why people like this

When we are talking about is socks and sandals ok we need to talk why people like this. I think one reason is it’s actually so fashionable. It’s actually very simple and so cool. When someone rolling down the streets with sandals and socks its very eye catching. But for some people this is mockery. Some says it’s too hot to ware this. They say you can’t wear socks on hot day. If it’s too cold you can’t wear sandals. So they trying to deny this trend by saying these type of things. But the people freely doing this trend they don’t care what others saying. They are just living there lives doing fashion. We talk when is the best time to do this trend its spring. Most of this trend actually starts with spring. It’s not cold not too hot you can roll down the streets with this trend.

And summer also good but some places get too hot and your socks can get wet. So in summer this trend is not actually good for some countries. In America young men are rocking this trend. It’s easy to spot someone on beach doing this trend in America. This also a common beach fashion trend in countries like this. Also this was a common trend on Spain long ago. There also a song about wearing socks and sandals. Is socks and sandals allow to wear in office no it’s not allowed. Countries like USA not allowed to wear sandals and socks to workers. Because they considered this is just a fashion not a formal wear. But countries like India is allowed ware this when you are working. It’s comfortable and affordable to people that not too rich in India. So let’s talk more about comfort.

Comfort of wearing this

Is this trend comfortable yes it is, this trend is actually very simple and comfortable. It’s not heavy to your feet’s. It’s soft and satisfying. Actually most people wearing this is comfort. If you wear sandals without socks its might be pain full for you. Or your feet might get sticky with time. When you wearing this socks actually gives you an extra comfort like your feet’s on a cushion. This might be a comfort trend but long time ago showing your feet’s actually not accepted by society. You might think this starts from USA but this Start way before that. Germens actually known for rocking this trend even before 50s. This Might controversial now but this use to be a normal trend. I think it happens because of societies changes with the time. And it might be the reason.

How this trend got popular between people

So we are going to talk about how this got popular in late 2000s. It was actually took a lot of effort to get this trend back to the people. Because most of high society deny this trend as a fashion. Like fashion designers tried to bring this back but for some time it didn’t work. But with the time few people got into this trend. Because it actually good and comfortable. Then celebrities starts to wear this. After this actually got into people. More people starts to think this is actually a normal trend. Inspiration of celebrities actually start to work. This trend start to appear in more fashion events. More designers got into this. More styles came out. Athletes got into this because they can switch to shoes anytime easily. And also the soccer players. If you ask is socks and sandals ok yes it is.

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