how to keep your hair messy

How to keep your hair messy easiest methods

Let’s talk about how to keep your hair messy. When someone says about unkempt hair.It just remind the messed up curls that people get when they waking up after a nap/sleep. But keeping your hair unkempt is actually a fashion trend. In most of Europe,Asia and in American countries this style considered as a fashion.Also disheveled style encouraged to the normal society by top models and actors/actresses. Unkempt hair styles modeled by many actors/actress to the current day. About this case unkempt hair must be the oldest fashion on earth.Between 80’s to 90’s disheveled style was famous between teens.Today disheveled styles mostly used by mens but womens also interest in disheveled style.

90’s and 80’s womens used disheveled style on street fashion.But nowdays mostly disheveled style only used by women’s for modeling. In Korea,Japan,China disheveled style is common Street Fashion. There so many disheveled style you can spot on street mostly men’s disheveled style. In Europe and American countries you can spot girls with short disheveled style in streets. In my opinion disheveled style are more attractive for girls other than curly and straight hairstyles. Disheveled style so simple that you can mess your until you get what you want. There no steps to follow. But there are steps to follow if you want a more stylish hair on you. If we are talking about “How to keep your hair messy”there more things to talk about. So let’s start digging in to it.

How to keep your hair messy tips and tricks

If we are talking how to keep your hair messy there some key steps you want to follow.If your hair is naturally disheveled that means you only need a good haircut. In this case natural curly messed hair on teens are rare. Because if you are born with natural Curly disheveled style hair but with the time your hair changes. When you are becoming an adult or a teen your hair texture changes with the time. That means you can born with messy hair. But after many years your hair can get more curly or straight. If you want to have a disheveled style hair that means you need use some products and good haircut.

Girl that looking for a disheveled style you must need to use products. Like sea salt spray,mousse and hair spray.These product will give you a pretty good disheveled style look fast. If you have short hair mousse and hair spray just enough for you. And you don’t need your hair to be too clean you can just wash your hair. Because getting your hair too clean can make you hair straight. Also not using Straitening shampoo is a key tip for girls that looking for get a disheveled style.

How to keep your hair messy for men’s

In recent time’s men’s disheveled style got so popular. Mostly men’s disheveled style is more popular in Europe than other countries. So we going to talk about this topic how to keep your hair messy for men’s. Disheveled style look is so popular between men’s because it’s simple and fashionable. Also there are so many disheveled style that men’s can try.Disheveled style hairgives men’s a cool simple attractive look other than any hair style. Disheveled style is simple hairstyle that you can look perfectly attractive.By using good product men’s can get perfect messy hairstyle easily.

Some people still think disheveled style means bed head. But the truth is bed hair is not the messy hair style.There are so many messy hair styles like messy crop top,short messy hair these are few of them. Young men are effortlessly rocking the disheveled style around the world.Men’s disheveled style is so easy that you don’t need any step or rules. You can just mess your hair and use some wax on hair disheveled style is that much easy. So let’s talk about few men’s disheveled style styles.

Messy Crop Top Hairstyle

Disheveled crop top is more popular in Europe countries. You can easily spot disheveled crop toppers in streets of European countries. Disheveled crop top is so easily won teens and adults hearts because it so simple and stylish. There are two ways you can simply get disheveled crop top. First one is two-lenth crop. The second way is getting a crop top fade.Both hair styles work with disheveled crop top. But on both this ways you must need leave top hair slightly longer. Leaving top hair longer is the key to disheveled crop top hairstyle.Then you can use hair gel or any hair product that you use and gave it a tousle.Now you have a perfect disheveled crop top hairstyle. It’s so simple and very eye catching hairstyle. This the first step of how to keep your hair messy in style. So let’s look on to the next step.

Short Fringe Messy Hairstyle

Short fringe disheveled hairstyle is most attractive hairstyle from all disheveled hairstyles. This hairstyle goes so well with curly hair or well-groomed beard. Curly Short fringe messy hair is the best hair style for mens. Curly disheveled style is the best attractive hair style for curly haired mens. There are two ways to have a perfect fringe disheveled style.First one is getting skin fade. Second way is getting an undercut. And the main Key is leaving front hair longer than the rest. Leaving front hair 2-4 inches long is enough.lastly matte can help you to separate the natural disheveled style look. Best thing about this hairstyle is you can change this style to any style you want.There are so many good hairstyles you can try with disheveled style. Let’s talk more about how to keep your hair messy some time later.

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