do not comb hair when wet

Do not comb hair when wet – Simply explain the reasons

Among the women, there is a problem of why do not comb hair when wet. So now we are talking about hair tips highlights. In this article, we hope to find out the reasons for discussion. Most of the fashion designer’s recommended that don’t comb hair when wet. If you comb your wet hair, it will cause to brokerage. Wet hair is weaker than dry hair. In this situation, hair is more fragile. While bathing the pores of the scalp are already open making it sensitive. When you comb in this time, it will fall more. Therefore, you should not comb your wet hair in everywhere. Usually over hair will be fall 50 or 150 amounts of hair in a day. But when you comb your wet hair, this normal amount will be increase. So, we must have a responsibility to protect our hair while combing. Combing hair while wet is like best men’s outfits for going out because you will never find something good.

So, in here we can give you some advice is that you should pay attention while combing. You should use a wide tooth comb. Both of long hair and short hair owners must follow this method. And other thing is dry hair after shampooing. Don’t comb hair which has water dripping out because you lost hair in here. After you had a bath, you must use a soft cotton towel to wrap hair. You should do this at least 5 minutes. From this you can restore the moisture of hair. When your hair dried or slightly dried, you can comb it. You must wait for this moment. When you are drying hair, you can get in into some sunlight because it also very beneficial. And you must apply serum post shampoo to end to untangle them. It will be helping to reduce the frizzy hair and brings in nourishment.

How to respond of “do not comb hair when wet”

In here we mentioned the reasons for say that do not hair comb when wet. If you want to comb wet hair, we can recommend a special brush to it. You should start by detangling the hair. You can use here a cream or serum that not only softens strands. We can recommend Oribe split end Seal and Living Proof freeze leave. This conditioner will help to smooth hair strands and nourishes and conditions. Also weightlessly block humidity. When you use this, you can avoid detangle of your hair. And you can use your fingers when hair wet. While running your hands through your hair, instead of using a comb. For this method you can comb hair without damaging. However, the best way is waiting for 5 or 10 minutes. Then your hair will dry slightly. These also consider as tips for fuller hair.

As well as other thing is you maybe attention to a proper comb. You can choose like the body shapes detangling comb. And when you comb hair, you should start it at the end of your hair. You must continue this process until you can easily comb. And you can use specialised tools. There are special brushes introduced for wet hair. These steps also make hair grow longer. It’s made with thin, flexible, bristles and detangle without pulling. It has a floating cushion which is provides more flexibility and creates a barrier between the brush and scalp. With the developing society, there are more easily and comfortable tools available in the market. You can buy those tools to get benefits. Therefore, you must pay attention about those things. Then you can protect your hair while combing. We all have a responsibility to aware these things of hair.

How to comb hair with correct way?

Combing hair is the valuable part of our daily works. Usually, we comb hair before our journeys. And the regular combing will give faster growth and stimulates the roots. But don’t comb hair when wet. So how to brush hair without damaging? The methods of this mentioned in above. Now let’s see how to brush hair with correct ways. Most of the hair specialist trust that we should comb our hair slowly and start brushing their tips and making your way to the scalp to avoid breakage. When your hair knot you should run it to them. In here, the easiest way is using the conditioner. Then it will work the knot out carefully. After that you should comb hair from the bottom. This is way to distribute the oils along the hair when comb start from the scalp and work your way down. Consider this also as best men’s hair care routine.

According to these things, you can think this is very hard work. But this ending result is the great. You can protect your hair while combing. If you want to get healthy and long hair, you should do treatment well to hair. Without rating, you can’t protect hair. As our discussion, now you know the bad effect of combing wet hair. In addition, we think you must search other treatment and tips of protect the hair. But you don’t treat with chemical cosmetics. When you use chemical and poor-quality water, it will be harmful for your hair. In addition, when you stop brushing your hair, what will happen? You should expect tangles and hair oil builds up. Your oats may get greasier faster. Also, you might clog your drain from this.


From this article we discussed more details about our hair. In here we say again if you want to protect your hair, do not comb hair when wet. We all like to beautiful, healthy, and long hair. But you remember that without protecting and treating, you can’t get like this hair. As a woman hair is the most important part in the body. There are competitions also held to select beautiful and healthy hair. From that you can understand the value of human hair. Hair is made with a tough portion of keratin. According to this the life of hair averagely will be 2 to 7 years. But in this period our response to hair is very important thing. Therefore, we say that don’t comb hair when it wet.

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