why do white people wear shoes in the house

Why do white people wear shoes in the house?

From this article you can know answers that “Why do white people wear shoes in the house?” Before the start find the reasons for that question, we think it is important that explain “who are the white people?” In the world the white and black is the key feature for racialized classification of people. This is a skin color specifier. Since the past in the society used that for people of European origin. This classification depends on the skin texture, context, nationality, and the point of view. So white people defined by their light skin, physical characteristics and contrasting with black, red, yellow, brown. In the world we can find there are most of the white people who living in America.

However, in this article we hope to discuss the question of “Why do white people wear shoes in the house?”  with this situation we can say this will be a comfortable action. They believe that they can make feel more relaxed, and it is easier to sit and relax. When the house is cleaner it will no dirt from the house. But with this there also some disadvantages also improving. It is hard to be formal with socks and it will be a risk of having smelly feet. Some people who are embarrassing if they have a hole in their socks. Some people will not stay in comfortably while wearing shoes always. As well as they cannot show off their expensive shoes as much. But white people do not have any of these problems. So, we are trying to discuss their reasons for wearing shoes in house.

Why do white people wear shoes in the house? Major reasons

Why do white people wear shoes in the house? Because the adjustments to life in the cities. White peoples have comfortable chance to wear shoes indoors as they want to get in move out without any restrictions. The major thing is here most of the white people are living in the cities. But those places are generally mud free areas within pavements and tarmacked roads. So, this will help to make convenient for not to take off shoes always one gets back to the house from work. Another reason is comfort and fast paced lifestyle such as they come with having wear shoes indoors that make it normal. This lifestyle has been a contributing factor in most cities. As well as cultural differences also a reason for that situation. Wearing shoes is a habit of them and they consider it as a normal thing.

This situation will be happening with the personal reasons. White people who are giving chance to wear shoes indoor for their guests. Another common thing is that smelly feet can gross people out. Visitors are wearing shoes indoor to avoid offending others. They believe that will be created a comfortable environment from to houses. Furthermore, most white people are living in the large houses. So that will have more than a single floor. The people who are living those believe that they can easily be moving around with wearing shoes. White people prefer vacuuming while styling their hose with cleaning. Usually, the do that several times a week so they know their houses will remain clean and they are wearing shoes indoor. Sometimes their pets also will be a reason here. According to these reasons you can get some idea of “Why do white people wear shoes in the house?”

What are the different opinions of wearing shoes indoor?

In the above we discussed more details about that white people who are wearing shoes in their house. According to the reasons we can identify their opinion will be true. But in the society, there are some different opinions improving among the people. These are creating according to the distinct cultures and lifestyle with social methods. So, we must understand well this method. Around the world most of white people are wearing shoes in their houses. We can recommend that, this is very suitable according to their lifestyle and environment. But when we consider this further, we can find some culture is rejecting this lifestyle because they have not clean environment such as white peoples. This is because it has not developed as a tradition in other countries, and they don’t believe it as a normal habit.

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On the other various people say that wearing shoes inside makes the house dirty. Another opinion of there is that it is out of tradition for them to come inside the house with shoes after wearing in the toilet. It can be termed as an act of inconvenience to others as well as a piece of dirt. They also believe that germs enter the house when they leave the house and come back with their shoes on. But rejecting all these opinions from white people who are approving of wearing shoes inside their houses. But considering the reasons mentioned above we can confirm that their action is correct. They perform this act only after confirming their clean.


We cannot find there is a wonder with wearing shoes in house from white people. This culture has come from past. So, we can identify this as a long-term lifestyle and behavior that is widely embraced. There are most cities have clen environment and people who worn shoes in outdoor also wear indoor. This culture can be seen as a strange, but it has become the new normal. They have chosen this action as an alternative to many things in their lives. Further we can say that this is built with the tradition of keeping all things clean according to their opinion. While other cultures frown on this practice they are not worried about staying indoors. So, if you were continuing reading this article you may have received more ideas with the question of “Why do white people wear shoes in the house?”

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