how to treat cold sore after lip tattoo

How to treat cold sore after lip tattoo? Simply explain

How to treat cold sore after lip tattoo? From this article we will hope to explain this question. So, you can get more knowledge before and after making lip tattoo. What is a lip tattoo? It is a permanent makeup using tattoo on your lips. It is doing on either the inside or outside of your lips. Among the fashion lovers this trend is increasing soon. You can choose a reputable tattoo artist and shop can help reduce the risk of complications. Further we can say there are some infections improve with this process. It is a more common and it is hard to keep them clean. The reason for this infection is the sensitivity of mouth area around the lips. When you are making tattoo around lips it will be painful experience.

This process is a professional procedure. That can involves inserting color pigments into your lips. On the other hand, we can see that is an impressive art in the fashion world. You can make tattoos both inside and outside of lips, but you must remember that both can be painful and prone to infection. Because of that reason before making tattoo, you must get some awareness about it. Especially in sensitive area can be infected such as cold sore, swelling, infection, scarring, allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, blood borne illnesses. So, you must have knowledge that how to prevent these risks and protect your lips. However, with this article we are trying to explain about clos sore after your lip tattoo. Because of  any trauma around the mouth area it will cause of cold sores.

How to treat cold sore after lip tattoo? What is this infection?

We can note here the cold sore is a temporary side effect of permeant lip tattoos. Main reason for that is the needle which is using the during lip tattoo making. It can bring out blisters and ruin the procedure as well as making the healing process much worse. What is the result of that? It has a skill give result in pigment loss. With this result you should require another touch up to fill in faded spots. So, this is the main thing to begins more cold sore pain after the few days of tattoo making procedure. Therefor you must remember that this cold sore infection could happen to anyone at any time after the tattoo making process. Therefore, you must pay attention to prevent those with proper treatment. We think this article will be a helpful resource with this infection.

What are the tools that can reduce the pain with this? We can recommend the delicate and gentle permeant makeup machine because it can reduce the risk. But with those you must remember that about right aftercare and moisturizing your lips only with creams and cosmetic which are recommended by your tattoo technician. Here you do not rub, touch, traumatize or pick at the tattoo made area. When you are appearing scrabs on it you do not pick them off. If you get cold sore you must need to take medicines to prevent it soon. If you have itching or burning sensation you can contact the doctor. Also, you can complain it to your makeup artist. But there is the most important thing here that you never use homemade remedies because it will cause damaging your skin permanently.

How to treat cold sore after lip tattoo? Before and after treatments

Here it is especially important to pay attention before and after treatment of cold sore with lip tattoos. How to treat cold sore after lip tattoo? Most of the fashion specialist recommend that to take medicines for at least 3 days before and 3 days after the tattoo making process. But when you should have suffered from cold sore much you must consider going long time treatment. Then you can prevent it. The limit of this effect will be dependent on each one’s skin type with sensitive score. Every case will be different, and it may need a different dosage. There are more oral medicines which are recommended by physicians such as Valtrex, acyclovir, valacyclovir, famvir, famciclovir and zovirax. With these medicines you must follow the instructions od recommended doctors.

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Furthermore, here we can give you L lysine supplement which is including prevention treatment because it may help prevent HSV 1 from replicating. Another important part is it can be reducing the duration of a cold sore. It will give you more comfort with lip tattoo. Lysine supplements have an ability to prevent future cold sores from developing. According to the comment of clients who have permanent lip color, they have noticed the reduce occurrence of cold sore on their lips. However, we can say this infection will be different with each one and prevention period also will be different. But we cannot find there is proper medical research with this question to confirm it. Therefore, we suggest you must find all the details on this procedure for your awareness. How to treat cold sore after lip tattoo? With the above details you can get more knowledge around this question

Bottom line

Cold sore infection may be gotten over 90% of people at least. Here it will call fever blisters. That will show on every part of your body and mostly it will improve on your lips. It is a discomfort cause and appear as fluid filled blister such as tingling, pain and burning or itching. The main thing with this infection is taking medicines from doctors. Finally, we can say that lip tattoo procedure will give you more pain than another tattoos because lip area is the most sensitive area in your body. So, it will be inflected more than other parts. So, we suggest you, before and after making tattoos you must have the full of knowledge this process such as process, infections, treatments. How to treat cold sore after lip tattoo? We think this question was solved by this article.

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