Reasons why tattoos are art

Top Reasons why tattoos are art simply explained

So if we going to talk about reasons why tattoos are art we need to know when this starts. You think tattooing starts like in around 1990 to 1960s it’s actually not, this has a bigger history. So when actually tattooing start so the oldest tattoo evidence we have old 5390 years. It’s even before the Christ born in between like around 3300BC. The one that have these tattoos called Otzi the iceman it’s a mummified body that found in Otztal alphs. He is a man that lived in Bronze Age that had 57 tattoos in his body. The mummy was found in 1991 near border of Austria and Italy. And also tattoos was used in ancient japan and Egypt. Also in New Zealand Maori people also doing there sacred tattoos since ancient times. So this is a little brief of history. Let’s see why tattoos are an art now.

Top Reasons why tattoos are art explanation for the debates

So first thing we need to know what an art is. We need to find the meaning of art first we need to look the simplest explanation. So what you think art is does art have a meaning. Sure it is every art have a meaning even your child draw a picture that also have a meaning. But here we are looking for the perception of the society. So someone making an art that mean he’s drawing a statement to other people. Or he’s expressing an emotion to viewers. Am I wrong this is the view of art isn’t it the meaning all of this. Then think about tattoos in the same way. If someone getting a tattoo doesn’t it means he’s getting a statement on his body. Or he’s expressing an emotion to others by getting a drawing in his body. Think about this for few moments.

Reasons why tattoos are art-What is the art professionals think about this?

Most professionals says this depends on who’s judging your tattoo. If he sees your tattoos as an art he will consider that you’re doing art. It means mostly this depend how society sees your tattoos. So you does art professionals support tattoo to become an art. Yes they are, there is an art exhibition about tattoos in New York. Named as tattooed New York about rise of tattoos of New York. This exhibition talks about tattoo culture of New York. It’s examines New York tattoo from the beginning 20s to current day. This show features over 250 works from New York. That contains the long lost history of New York. This Cristian Petru Panaite is the organizer of this exhibition. As to his opinion if someone intends for their tattoos to be art so then they are. His first tattoo was birds and flowers on memory for his mother.

Is tattoo famous nowadays as art?

So you want to know this too is tattoo is famous now. Tattoo was famous back in the days too like 70s 80s. It was the rising time of tattoos different kind of concepts was added in this time period. In those days having tattoo was a special thing. Most people doesn’t had tattoos back on these days. Few certain peoples or people that love tattoos only had tattoos. There actually was not too much tattoo artist too. In 1910s to 50s tattooing was a cult thing on Asia. But with the Asian tattooing also got the western inspiration too. Then it got more personal thing with the time. If we going to talk about nowadays is getting a tattoos famous or normal, yes it is. According to calculation two from five American adults have tattoos. And more people are getting into having a fine tattoo.


Does tattooing also need skills to do like art


As I say on last topic is tattooing famous you got answer as yes it is. I mentioned people are more into getting tattoos fine tattoos. So to make a fine tattoo artist must be skilled. Is every tattoo artist skilled? That’s another question that people ask. More accurate answer to that question is yes tattoo artist must be skilled if he’s doing tattooing. If someone need become a tattoo artist he need to study on art and designing. Let’s see about technical mastery on getting a tattoo. So you can’t just pick an ink machine and start drawing on skin. The interact between ink and flesh is important thing. Artist must have understand how different is individuals skins first. Because the tattoo must hold on the persons skin for years. So artist must understand skin of humans to do the job accurately without ruining the skin.

The next thing that artist need to expert in placement. Why artist need to expert in placement because he need to know how design will move on the body. Or how much it will stretch with the time how the machine will move on person’s skin. To be a great tattoo artist he need understand the human body. And adjust their art to flow with person’s body. So as I say tattooing also an art it is considered as an art. And artist must learn harder than learning drawing on a canvas. So I think you got the answers for what you are looking for. And we will meet again with my next article. 

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