Why long hair falls out more

Why long hair falls out more? Simply explain

Why long hair falls out more? From this article we are considering and analysing this question using experiences and views of people. The most women are saying that longer hair falls more because its are difficult to be taken care as compared to shorter. And another opinion of there that longer hair is more susceptible to damage and breakage because it’s longer or bigger. The size of hair falls depends on longer of them. Further they said that long hair can easily pull out and they are easily wrap around our fingers, brushes, or combs. If your hair shedding between 50 or 150 per day you are in normal range on hair fall. This is a small percentage of your total hair count. Normally healthy person has about 1000000 hair follicles in total. It can be around 0.1% of your total hair count.

Furthermore, normally hair loss will be a natural part of your hair’s life cycle but if you pass the normal amount of hair shedding it will be a decease of your hair of body. We can see more hair falls among women because they use a lot of methods to style their hair. The hair fall will be a side effect of those methods.in addition there are more reasons to this.in this article we will hope to discuss briefly after. We can mention here dihydrotestosterone and DHT is the main hormones for lose hair in men. Sensitivity of the DHT is dependent on their genetic. Therefore, hair fall may be given result according to their nature of scalp. In addition to the above, for the question that why long hair falls out more, we can’t find out this specific reason.

Why long hair falls out more? Other reasons for hair fall

When we are finding the reasons for the question of why long hair falls out more? we found there are more reasons for hair fall. Among those, the main thing is your stress and lifestyle factors. In here stress mean both mental and physical stress. In here, the stress hormone is given negatively impacts your hair growth cycle. It is affecting nutrient absorption and messing with hormone levels and impacting the health of scalp. If you can recognise your stress and solve you can manage this effect. Also, you should change your diet and you make sure that it includes enough protein and iron which help your health and hair. Therefore, our lifestyle should be managed, and we should have an ability to manage it. You should avoid all things of your life because they all may be affect you’re healthy.

Also, other reason is your illness or health condition. According to the medical condition of alopecia areata is caused by an autoimmune disorder to this. If you have like those disorders, you can consult your doctor. Then you can understand your hormone levels also. And if you are a pregnant woman, it has an impact on your hair. It can feel like it is falling out at an unprecedented rate in post pregnancy period. And the overuse of hot tools can be cited as another adverse course that you do. When you use hairdryer, curling tong, and straighter can make your hair dry and consequently more likely to fall out hair. If you can use heated hair tools that have a temperature gauge you will lower these effects. You may attention above reasons and get decision to avoid your conflicts.

How to protect your long hair?

When you have a long hair, you will ask that why long hair falls out more. In above we discussed that using different areas. Now we note here how to protect your hair using correct methods. Long hair except different care. It doesn’t like same way as short hair and following methods will help you. You must have right brush. In here you should avoid combs or bushes with fine bristles because they can cause to much friction and end up pulling out individual strands of hair. Then it can damage hair more. Furthermore, you should keep awareness when you are hydrating your hair. In here you do that with regular patterns and deep hydrating treatments are help to long hair. When you style hair with heat styling, you make sure to use hydrating products regularly.

In addition, you can trim your hair often because split ends can actually cause hair to stop growing. In here you must cut hair every few months. Especially your long hair protect may be dependent on your shampoos. You should shampoo in with the right way, but you should not be shampooing every day. If you do that, it will more likely dry your ends tend. After showering, don’t towel dry because it can cause damage when you wrap your hair in it. Then you can use a hair wrap of old T shirt to dry your hair. According to these details, you can understand this. Your irregular lifestyles, maybe affect fall out your long hair. Because of that, you have a responsibility to avoid those and protect your long hair without falling.

Why long hair falls out more? Conclusion.

From this article we can get reasons for that why long hair falls out more. As a conclusion, we can say further the people who have a long hair don’t necessarily loose more hair. But hair length may not affect shading it. Due to the shaft length, we can be assessing the size of shed hairs. But it is not the amount of hair which falls out. According to above reasons we think you will find the answer the question. And you must be aware to protect your hair because it is a gift from natural beauty to you. And here we mention that how to protect your long hair. You can follow those methods then you can get more result from it. We think this article will help you and share your views also with others.

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