Why does your hair color only last two weeks

Why does your hair color only last two weeks? Simply explain

Among the fashion stylist there is a question of “why does your hair color only last two weeks?” In fact, they said hair dye may be stays that way for at least two weeks. Why is your hair color fading? In here we are trying to find out the answers for that question. The main reason for that is the lack of insufficient planning time. What happened here is that the hair color does not stay on long enough. If you have Gray hair, this will be especially holds true. In here that the hair color molecules act as a stain on the cot layer of your hair. This color does not penetrate the hair because of its large size. Because of that reason, they act as a strain on the cut layer of the hair.

And also, if you have medium or high porous hair, it will be trouble to keep in moisture. Then it may be caused to hair color to fade fast. There is not an ability to lock in the dye. And your hair has porous it will be always felt in dry. When it happened, you should add more hair oils, creams, or conditions treatment. Then you can hair care routine. In addition, the type of hair color also determines the duration of its existence. In here you should choose the correct and suitable color depending on the nature of your hair. Moreover, you must make sure that you carry out this process with the right knowledge. In here there are few things that you should identify after the coloring your hair. Let’s hope to talk about that in our next lines.

Why does hair color only last two weeks? More thoughts

We have discussed the reason why does hair color only last two weeks. Even during that time, you have to use different tactics to protect your hair color. Because the color in you shouldn’t determine your hair’s porosity level. In here we mean that the health of your hair. The wet stretch test will be help to you do that. From this test you can identify that hair protein moisture or both. Without the protein and moisture contained in healthy hair, your hair color can fade quickly. If you have a weak hair all you need to do is apply a protein and moisturiser before coloring. Then these pigment molecules grip the hair tightly. However, depending on the duration of the pigment, your hair color may fade. Therefore, we suggest you coloring should be done in a timely manner to get the desired results.

Furthermore, we can find there is a common reason to fast fading hair color which is insufficient color processing time. It takes a long time for the hair color molecules to open and be absorbed which is a disadvantage of you do not have enough color. It can also cause severe water effect on the hair follicles. Problematic elements such as calcium and magnesium in water can wash away hair colour quickly. And hot water also will be affected to this. When you use warm water, it will cause hair colour to fade prematurely. Another thing is that you should make sure to shampoo your hair as soon as possible after colouring. In here you can get long service through doing emulsifying the hair at shampoo bowl. It will be an essential component to take care your hair colour in long time.

Simple tips to keep your hair color from fading

Why does hair color only two weeks? Now you will have reasons to that question. Furthermore, we should hope to give you some tips to keep your hair colours from fading. Sometimes this may be helping to refresh your coloured hair even at home. You can try a hair gloss treatment. This is a semi-permanent layer. If you can use this, it may be helping to look in the colour underneath it. Then you can get clear coating from this with shiny hair. At the same time, you don’t take frequent shower because it can cause your hair colour fade away quickly. From frequent showering, open the hair cuticle and let the dye seep out. If you wish to refresh your hair colour, you can go with organic method with cranberry juice rinse. This can make your hair look vibrant and bright.

Additionally, you can rinse your hair with a cup of coffee. This can make brown hair without chemical. If you soak hair in a cold cup of black coffee, it may give darker shade. And another rains method is champagne. This will give the best results for light coloured hair, and it can help bright out golden tones in blonde hair. Otherwise, colour refreshing also very important here. It will be the best way to keep hair colour from fading. There are multiple shades from mask available and from using this helps to resorting and boosting hair colour. These methods are better than harmful chemical techniques. In here we mentioned only few methods. You can follow these methods and get the best results with colouring. And you can search other methods and share with your friends.

Final thoughts

When we are colouring our hair, we may have some troubles. From that why does your hair colour only last two weeks? is one of question. In this article you can get some ideas about that doubt. The simple tips also you can try even at home. In the same way, these colours may not last long, but you will get some relief from those methods. You can get good results depending on the quality of the hair as well as dye you use. All you have to do is keep it safe to get the best results of anything very good. Accordingly, with the proper treatment and care for the coloured hair, you can be happy about the process.

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