Why you need to use perfumes for business meetings

Why you need to use perfumes for business meetings

If you thinking about why you need to use perfumes for business meetings it actually on to you. It’s all about being iconic between people. You might be a businessman or an employee and you’re planning to be special among others. So using perfume is a way to be special among others. And I’m not talking about using too much perfume. Too much perfume means putting way too much fragrance on you. Like if you put more than five drops of perfume that too much fragrance. Using too much perfume will irritate others. And it will make you sick. Wearing perfume plays major role on your carrier. It’s just more than your visual appearance. Fragrance add more qualities than your visual appearance. I you’re an employee fragrance gives you a boost to work hard all day. Its hide your sweaty smell and boost your confidence to work.

Or if you’re a businessman going to a meeting but you have less energy to be there. It might be you don’t have confidence to be among others. Wearing perfume might help you with this case. It gives you a mild kick of confidence. You know you will among all other because you’re iconic than others. And also perfumes enhance your mood. It improves your mood like if you’re in a business meeting wearing right perfume gives you the boss vibe. But in some countries wearing perfume is not allowed. The reason is people don’t knowing the limit of perfume. As I say sometimes too much fragrance irritate some people. Or some people’s reaction to some fragrance might be the reason. There is a limit to fragrance you might like smelling too much. But to others it’s not physically and mentally handle it.

Why you need to use perfumes for business meetings getting the perfect fragrance

So now we can talk about getting the perfect limit of fragrance. You need know the limit of the perfumes you can try these to find the perfect amount. First thing is asking someone after you use perfume. You can ask a family member or someone else after applying perfume is this too much. If they say yes it is too much so you know you’re using little too much of perfume. They say it’s just the perfect amount then you know you were using it right. But in some cases perfect amount that your family member said might be too much for your employees. There is another way to find that. If you wearing perfume colleagues trying to move little away from you. That means you were wearing too much fragrance. And they can’t handle your smell. So then you can lower the perfume drops that you using.

How to use perfume for the right occasion.

So using right perfume for right occasion is a key in being iconic. There might be a perfume that you like to wear all time but it might not work for meetings. Like your normal scent might not work on meetings. And you don’t want to bath on perfume just take to drop on your clothes or on your wrist. As I say using the right scent for right place. If you at a meeting you just need a little strong scent and only 2 drops from it. Think if you using a seductive scent that you use on a date will it good for a business meeting. I think you might understand now. If your company doesn’t allow perfume you can use fragrance oil and soap. It gives you a light good fragrance that you can still be iconic. Be careful now when you’re using scent.

Is there any benefits of using perfume as an employee?

For this question I can give you an answer yes there’re benefits of using perfumes as an employee. Think that you an employee that working on a company that doing sales. And you’re going to customers to talk about the products while wearing a scent that perfect for the moment. The scent actually triggers emotional effects of your customer and improve your performance. Because you and your customers has positive vibes you can improve your sales easily. And also customers like to be in a scented area. Having positive mood customers by doing this can improve your sales up to 10%. Also wearing scent on occasions like meetings helps to create memorable moment between you and your colleagues. Scents gives a lasting impressions that connect you and your employees. It keeps you and your employees hyped while everyone at a meeting or special occasion.

Also using scent can keep your customers interact with your products more than usual time.by using right fragrance at right moment can create memorable moment between you and customers. That makes customers to memorize that they need to re visit to your store. Because that pleasant sent that you had make them feel relaxed and comfortable while doing business with you. You must match the scent with your business if you want results from perfumes. It is not hard to find scents that suitable for business moments. By asking right person or researching you self to find right products is the way to do this.so we talked about why you need to use perfumes for business meetings. I think you understand the importance of this now. So we will meet again with a new topic again.

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