why you look like 50s at your 20s

Why you look like 50s at your 20s? simply explain

We will show you “why you look like 50s at your 20s?” we all love our youth age because it is the most powerful and beautiful period as a human. So, we think that most about our skin appearance such as clean, clear, appearance, color. When you are at 20s your appearance should be young look. We engage in various activities to maintain our youthful appearance. We are right and you will agree that the most beautiful time in our lives is at a youthful age include 20s to 30s. But nowadays some people are late 20s or early 30s, but they are looking beyond their actual age. This situation will become you worrisome. So, you must think what you are doing wrong that is making you look older than. You must pay attention of your skin problems who sulk about your aging skin.

When are you continuing read this article you can get more knowledge about the question of “why you look like 50s at your 20s?” we can note here wrinkles also will be an inevitable part of aging, but you can prevent those things and slow their progress. Your lifestyle will be main affect to this situation. In shortly we can say you must manage your lifestyle with controlling foods, drinking water, protecting from the sun, avoid smoke and managing stress. In addition, those if you have some doubts with your aging, you can read this article continually to be informed and protect your skin.

Why you look like 50s at your 20s? common reasons

Why you look like 50s at your 20s? there are more common reasons coming with this question. First one is, not enough cleansing. If you do not consider about your skin, it will expose daily harmful irritants like pollution, dirt, and makeup. So, you must protect your skin from all those harmful things. Here you must have regular skin cleanse. You can reduce impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil while cleansing. If you can use good cleanse in the morning it will give you refresh feeling for your skin. You should wash your face at least twice a day once in the morning and at night before sleeping. For that process we can recommend a non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic facial cleanser. Another reason is skipping the moisturizer. If keeps moisture and water in your skin it will make smooth skin, supple and health.

Another reason is your makeup. You wear makeup to conceal blemishes and to make look presentable. But if you are using the wrong products and techniques, it will be the reason that you are looking older than age. You must remember less foundation is the best while wearing makeup. Don’t put too much makeup. Another thing is that not getting enough sleep. Usually, you must get seven to nine hours of sleep because it can do wonders for your skin. Some food habits will be a reason. The main thing is sugar such as white bread, white rice, glucose for older your skin. As well as puffing and smoking make a stark difference in making the skin look aged. Do not get too much alcohol. If you are not getting enough water for hydration will cause here. Weight issues and unmanaged stress also give you bad result with your age.

Why do you look like 50s at your 20s? how to prevent this?

In the above we explained the reasons for your appearance like old. But you can control this situation using some straightforward tips. You can follow safe care of your skin to go a long way without this problem. You must protect yourself from the sun because too much expose to the sun will damage your skin. It will be leading to premature aging and wrinkle. When you are going outside you can wear a wide brim hat, light colored cloths, or sunglass with sun protection cream. As well as you can use a retinoid. This has a skill to increase collagen production, which is helping plumps up the skin. It has the anti-aging ingredients. You must also use products with moisture because it will react as water for your skin. It can help to nourish and hydrate the human skin.

Does cream make your skin lighter?

You must eat vitamin rich foods and drinks such as green tea, olive oil, salmon, avocados, pomegranates, flax seeds, vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, bell pepper and broccoli. With these you must pay attention of your sleeping habits. You should sleep on your back. And use silk pillowcases because it will be kinder to your skin than cotton. They can create less friction and help to prevent abrasion of the skin. And do not smoke. If you are smoking, you should be aware the side effects of those and avoid that bad habit. As well as you must relax your face and body. You can do stress reduce activities such as regular exercises, deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. If you can do all these together you can avoid the aging appearance without any doubts.


As a human we all are going to aging. But if you are going over the age it will be an unusual thing. why do you look like 50s at your 20s? This will happen because there are many reasons. In the above paragraphs we discussed more about that. As a conclusion by being well informed you can suppress this to some extent. As a main reason you must manage your lifestyle and you must take a time to pay attention of your skin in daily. Without attention never control your skin aging process. Sometimes your environment area also will be a reason here. But today we have there are most methods were introduced by fashion designers. You can do those at your home, or you can go to meet fashion specialist to get awareness of this process. So, we think this article also will help you.

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