Why my hair too short

Why my hair too short?

In this article we will give you answers that “why my hair too short?” And we will hope to discuss more details around this question. So, we are inviting you to read this continually. All the people have hair. Sometimes it will be an important part in the human body. Women are more like hair than men because their appearance and beauty is depending on hair. Sometimes hair has even competitions around the world to select beautiful, long, or healthy hair. Because of that reason women are always trying to grow their hair. but unfortunately, some women have short hair only. What are the reasons for that? How to fix this problem? What are the good treatments to grow your hair? We will discuss those question also in this article. If you are a lover for your hair these details will help you much.

Why my hair too short? Basic reasons

Why my hair too short? We can give you some reasons for this. First one is, genetic. This is affecting for individually. Humans have a hair cycle growth. Its longest length is the reason for the level of your hair. when it came to the specific length it will not grow again. This length is named as the terminal length. Growth of hair is mostly determined by the genetic. Another reason for short hair is shedding. This is a normal process because everyone has this process. As well as it is a part of growth of hair. usually, it will be normal shed up to 150 strands of hair a day. But when you have large amount with this, you must pay more attention. It will be also a main reason for shortening your hair. If your hair starts to occur faster than your hair regrowth, it is a problem.

Furthermore, age is another reason for your short hair. when you are going age your hair cycle becomes shorter. As well as with your age your hair tends to get weaker. Here the reason is, everything you do in your life such as styling your hair, bleaching and other fashion methods. The side effect from those things will come with your age. Not only that but also your food habits and exercises and physical health also will affect your hair growth. After making thinner hair it will be unable to grow past a certain point. Another reason is your stress level. The quality of hair is depending on these things. Your relaxing activities and treating methods will help to grow your hair. With the heat styling, over-processing, or any other treatments your hair will be break. These are the main reason for your short hair.

How to treat your noticeably short hair?

If you have a too short hair, it must need a proper care and treatments. So, you will have some knowledge to maintain your short hair. We can give some hints and secret tips to treat your hair. our first suggestion is, comb it less frequently. In those times you can use your fingers. Sometimes it will not need brush as often as long hair because they are less likely to tangle than long hair. But when your brush them use your fingers or wide tooth of comb. And we suggest you use a bristle brush. It will create a smooth finish with minimal volume. You must reduce your use of heated products and find a style that does not want a straightener. Do not use heat styling tools every day. As well as do not use hair dryer to dry your hair because it can damage your hair.

Another important thing is usually short hair need more regular washing that long hair. So, wash your hair every day because short hair can become greasy more quickly and easily. According to the level of oil productions on your hair you must suggest the number of washing times. According to this theory if you wash your hair every day, try to use moisturizing mosque. As well as it will be useful to keep a healthy shampoo. In those times you can rinse in a blast of freezing water for extra shine. This is a trick for add a boost of gloss with your short hair. When you bath like this, it will soothe the heat damage done to your hair while showering. As well as if you can use a conditioner while bathing it will also give you satisfactory results.

Why my hair too short? Concluding thoughts

Why my hair too short? When you are feeling your hair is too short first, we suggest you that do not worry. With your good decisions and awareness, you can make it long. First, we must think about the healthy of hair. our hair also will be kept healthy like our body. When you can fail to give proper care for your hair it will not grow immediately. You must have enough time to adjust and maintain it. you can give a time of the day. Pay more attention to treat it. However, all the women cannot make a long hair same length. But with our treatment we can get some length of hair with good healthy.

Finally, we can note here according to the question of “Why my hair too short?” we gave you more details and reasons. When you have those mistakes with your hair you must try to avoid them. As a conclusion we invite you to take healthy foods. For those you can meet a professional artist or a doctor. Then they will give you some instructions. Visit the salon often for grow your short hair. and always keep a plan to treat it. do nit forget your hair mask because it will necessary thing to strengthen your hair and it will help combat fried ends. It will lead to breakage. It will be a good thing use it at least once a week. Try taking supplement and treat it yourself also.

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