why is my hair so snarly after i shower

Why is my hair so snarly after I shower? Reasons

In this article we hope to find the reasons behind that “Why is my hair so snarly after I shower?” as a woman if you have a beautiful and healthy hair it is the most valuable part in your body. Here we must protect and treat it well. While processing of keep hair care you must do most things. However, when we are showring the hair will so snarly. So, what is the reason for that? We could find some reasons for that. This will be happened with lack of conditioner. Usually, conditioner is helping you to create a protective coat on the hair while showering. So, if you are not using conditioner in your wash, it will be a harmful to your hair. So, you can use a suitable conditioner for your hair.

And another reason is you are not washing well because it is the most powerful task in hair cycle. But you must remember that don’t wash too much and too often because it can strip hair of its natural oils. But if you are washing too little it can lead to dirt your hair also oil build up. So, you must pay attention to balance your washing schedule. As well as if you use harmful chemical of shampoo and conditioner it also leads to hair being snarly. Here you don’t use a lot of shampoo because it can strip the oils from your hair. It makes super die. When your hair dry it will easily become snarly. As well as when leaving shampoo or condition on the hair it can lead to patches of hair stuck in tangled knots, so you must wash these products well.

Why is my hair so snarly after I shower? Easy protection tips.

Here we will hope to give you easy tips which are using while showering hair. From these methods you can increase hair of so snarly and protect your hair. The first method is steaming hair before shampooing because it is an affective way to keep your hair healthy. So, take a towel and dip it in hot water. Them wrap it around your head for 20 minutes. And you can use cool or lukewarm water because it will help you to seals the cuticles of hair and it will help to make them shiny. You must remember that do not use shampoo in every day. It will make them dry and so snarly. Why is my hair so snarly after I shower? This is a one of main reason for that question. So, you can shampoo hair every 2-3 days to get proper regulation of natural hair oils.

Why is my hair so snarly after I shower? Another reason for that is wrong methods of hair dry after showering. You do not rub your hair aggressively using a towel to dry. It will cause to snarly, tangle and breakage your hair. Also, you can apply hair serum after proper drying because they keep frizz free and manageable. As well as while applying shampoo we can recommend that it is advisable to massage to scalp. If you make more friction to hair, it can damage the cuticles pf your hair permanently. While using the correct shampoo and conditioner with your hair texture you must pay attention all these techniques. Then you can get more attractive and healthy hair without any damaging and snarly. Further we can mention here before showering your hair you must have awareness about the hair protection methods.

How to protect your hair from so snarly and tangle?

There are more reasons affect to snarly and tangle your hair. In the above we discussed the reasons while showering. In addition, this we can identify other reasons for that such as harsh hair care products, lack of hydration, heat styling, rubbing hair with a towel, wing blowing through hair, sleeping with your hair down. However, if you have snarly hair here, we give you some methods to solve those. You can use detangling spray because it helps reduce the tension between the hair while detangling. You can use these on both dry and damp hair also. Another thing is mineral oil. It can be used to effectively detangle the hair. Because it acts like an antistatic. You can avoid dryness using coconut oil, castor oil, carrier oil, with essential oils like lavender and tea tree.

Furthermore, if you have a snarly and tangle hair you must use wide toothed comb and paddle brush because it will help you comb detangle hair without damaging and pain. However, while combing you must tart it from the bottom. Don’t start comb from the root of hair. Also, in this situation you can use your fingers before combing. From that you can separate your hair into sections with your fingers gently. With this way you can remove most of the tangles. You can use hair masks also. If you have a snarly and tangle hair it may be sign of dry hair. Here you can use a hair mask with moisture to provide your hair instant hydration. With these methods you can protect your hair.


From this article we discussed more details about question that “Why is my hair so snarly after I shower?” You can be aware with these. As a conclusion we can note here you can protect your hair while showering also before showering. Here you must pay attention above all methods. We think, your less care is more affect for this situation. There are many mistakes in your hair care routines that may be causing it. When you have snarly and dangle hair you can use oils and spry along with a comb to remove these situations. You can choose a moisturizing shampoo or a stain pillowcase while caring it from showering. So, we think this article will help to get more knowledge about hair protection.

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