Why are buttons on different sides on male and female shirts

Why are buttons on different sides on male and female shirts?

We have question of why are buttons on different sides on male and female shirts? Before to explain this, we would like to find out the history of buttons. From this article waiting you will get more details about the above question and around that. Since past time, the fashion had famous trend around the world. Fast manufacturers tried to be introduced various fashions to become increase their factories. Among those fashions, the buttons had a great history. Firstly, the button was created by Induce Valley civilization. The first button used as ornamental embellishments to a person’s attire. They signified from its wealth or status. They attached it using its small hole by thread. After a few centuries, the buttons become used more and more as a fastener for clothes.

As times goes on the buttons evolved from an embellishment. It became a more practical item. It improved as an elegant design, and it is slotted firmly in opening place. The fashion never decreases. It will try always to improve and introduce new styles. Because of that also buttons come in a wide of colours and shapes in present. These are flat circle or other shapes. But circle shape is the most popular in today. According to the traditional views, horn button is favoured. But after that using alternative materials such as the corozo buttons. It is made from corozo tree. Because of that, this button is fully unique. When we are considering the history of buttons, there is a rule way found from buttons. It is the side of buttons in clothing. why are buttons on different sides on male and female shirts?

Why are buttons on different sides on Male and female shirts? Reasons

The female clothes have buttons on the left side, but male clothes have on the right side. What is the reason for that? Are there male right-handed and female left-handed? No, it’s not a true answer because the majority of people are right-handed person. According to the historical waves, this maybe with old fashion traditions. Most are believing that woman’s shirts have buttons on right side because of their children. The goal is to be able to open their shirt while holding the baby with the left hand and keeping right hand freely while breastfeeding. We can mention this is a just cause. Furthermore, another reason is that will the woman are known to ride horses sideways. Here they have buttons on the left side of their shirts to reduce the amount of air they receive.

Why the male has right side of buttons. The main reason for this is the weapons owned by men. Most of the men in the past had a gun hidden in their shirt. Then by having the buttons on the right side, they were able to easily be pulled the weapon out. The advantage here is that men do not have to grab the shirt. Apart from this reason that people believed in the past we can not find any other things in today. But their buttons on opposite sides of men’s and women’s shirts still exist today, as they did in past. Despite the variety of fashion. Innovations this style still exist Which has been around for a long time According to the above reason, we can think you have an idea about question of why buttons on different sides on male and female shirts are.

Differential of buttons

This is the old traditional art. Considering both men and women buttons on their shirts, it is on the opposite sides. Wealth, as well as gender are a major reason for this. It is often highly placed in women’s clothing styles. It is an art that is somewhat more elaborate than men’s clothing. Gender was the main target for this fashion classification. With the evaluation of fashion women and men have their freedom to wear whatever suits them. Another special phenomenon in talking about this is the places where the buttons of clothes are created. Among these fashion trends, the buttons on the shirts have different side also a special thing. That is why we have this problem of why are buttons on different sides on male and female shirts?

When considering the majority of clothing, only the right-side buttons are found on men’s shirts. Their buttons on women’s shirts are made on the left side. We discussed above the reason for this question. Most people are familiar with the right hand, but only men have buttons on the right side on the shirt because for those reasons. Also, men’s and women’s shirts are similar in shape. But these differences can be seen in them. History has it had at the buttons on the left side of female clothing were sewn because they had maids. The maids have buttoned up and designers got this decision to set on the left side of buttons on female clothing for their convenience. Thus, it is clear to us that the differential of buttons has taken place for a variety of reasons.

Why are buttons on different sides of male and female shirts? Final thoughts

In here we discussed around the buttons using the question of “why are buttons on different sides of male and female shirts?” According to the historical methods we can assume that these reasons are somewhat reasonable. You may feel this now as something special that you have not explored until now. Things that we do not pay much attention to today are largely studied by people in the past. The evaluation of fashion art also depends on these kinds of things.in addition we can seem to button as a style on the clothes. Most of female clothing has these styles. They used various types, colours, and size of buttons for it. Therefore, in future buttons became a valuable thing for shirts also as a style. From this article we think you can get more about buttons and its history.

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