small dark skin blemish that appears with age

What is the small dark skin blemish that appears with age?

Do you know what is the What is the small dark skin blemish that appears with age? In this article we will expect to discuss this spot. Have you ever noticed a mark that are resembled sing a large freckle on the back of someone’s hand or cheek? These are age spots, and they are flat brown, gray or black spots on anyone skin. We can identify these as small spots and usually appear on areas exposed to the sun. it will show on your face, hands, shoulders also arms. These are called as sunspots or liver spots and solar lentigines. These spots are quite common problem among the adults who older than 50 years. But when younger people are spending more times in the sun, we can see on the skin of them also.

This small dark blemish is caused by overactive pigment cells. Our natural pigments of the skin are giving colors to us. UV rays can speed up the production of this melanin. So, when you are exposing sun, it will increase more. So, we can think these age spots appear when melanin on the skin becomes clumped or is produced in high concentrations. These spots are the frequent problem among the humans. The main risk of spots is going with the people who having fair skin. Also, if you have a history of frequent sun expose you can see these. As well has this will give risks with having a history of frequent tanning bed use. So, we think your awareness of the age spots will be immensely helpful. So, we will explain the more details with this, and we can give you some suggestions to prevent these age spots.

Symptoms of small dark skin blemish that appears with age

Here we think it is particularly important to note here the symptoms of the small dark skin blemish that appears with age. The main characteristic is here color because usually age spots ranges from light brown to black in color. According to the research they will come darken after time in the sun. another thing is texture. We think all the texture with skin can affect with the age spots. These have the same texture because the rest of your skin and they will typically appear on sun exposed areas. So, you can easily identify these while paying attention of these areas. As well as these spots do not cause any pain to you. And these are flat to the touch. Another one is size. Age spots are appearing from the size of a ridiculously small freckle to an inch in diameter.

Another symptom is grouping because these appear on their own or in a group. These can make them more noticeable. As well as shapes also especially important with this. You can identify these as a round or oval shapes with very defined edges. So, the doctors can identify these with a visual inspection, a biopsy or both. With the visual inspection it will assess the color, size, and shape to determine to the marks really is an age spot. According to the rise texture also identify these spots. And when they cannot identify these easily, they will typically suggest a biopsy. In this situation they remove a small piece of skin from the age spots. Then they send it to a lab and evaluate it for cancer or another abnormality. It will show the result. However, if you see the spots with these symptoms, you must pay attention to them.

How to treat for age spots?

Small dark skin blemish that appears with age will not cause any health problems and you must not need to typically treat. But you can remove the age spots because it will appear badly. So, we will hope to note here some treatments to remove the age spots. You can try following methods. Firs one is prescription medications. Skin doctors may prescribe bleaching creams help fade age spots which are in your skin. These creams will include with hydroquinone and sometimes retinoids such as tretinoin. But you do not use these creams in long time because it will give you side effects in over time. So, you must keep in mind to take several months only fade age spots and you can take away them after removing them. Some bleaching cream can leave your skin more sensitive to UV damage so you must wear sunscreen at all the times.

Our next treatment method is medical procedures because it can remove age spots. But with these methods also can risk with side effects. So, you must get advice from your medical doctor. Here we can mention to include things of medical procedures such as intense pulsed light treatment, chemical peels, dermabrasion, cryosurgery, laser treatment and microdermabrasion. Also, you can find plenty of over-the-counter creams marketed as treatment for your age spots. They will help remove excess skin pigmentation. Here deoxy arbutin, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and kojic acid are including these creams. However, we can recommend here the cosmetic has no ability to remove all the spots, but it can cover them without appearing.

Bottom line

Small dark skin blemish that appears with age will improve while you are aging. But you can minimize them when using protected methods. You must avoid the sun between 10 am to 4 pm. And you can wear sunscreen every day because it will protect from sun. here you should apply them at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Then after you must reapply every 2 hours. As well as you can wear protective cloths such as pants, hats, or long-sleeved shirts. Today we can use the UV blocking cloths with an ultraviolet protection factor. So, we think with this article you can get the more knowledge about the small dark skin blemish that appears with age. So, you also be careful with these age spots.

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