most beautiful hair in the world

The most beautiful hair in the world-How can explain about hair?

Hair is one of the parts of mammals and it is a protein filament. The human skin covered in follicles which produce ticking terminal and fine vellum hair. All natural hair has two colours. These colours are type of melanin which black and brown. When melanin production decrease or stop, here colour become white. Hair texture has three types .These is curl pattern, Volume and consistency. Human hair include with keratin. It is the most important part of the mammals because that insulating against cold by conserving body heat. Usually life span of human hair is 2 to 7 years. Nutrition and genetics are reasons to grow hair. Mainly the most hair grows at rate of 0.3 to 0.4 mm a day according to the average. There are also held competitions to choose” the most beautiful hair in the world” giving more value for hair.

 Oxygen and nutrition of scalp that help hair grow. Researchers have found that Asian hair grows faster than African hair; there are four stages to hair growth named anagen, categen, telogen and oxygen. These stages leave according to different time farms. A healthy and stress free lifestyle also affect hair growth. Eggs are good and nutrition for hair growth. This is because that eggs contain the proteins a biotin which necessary things for hair growth. Also spinach, avocado, seeds, yams, fish and other nutrition foods are Important for hair growth. Proper care can lead to longer and stronger hair. Hair growth is subject to a variety of texture and shapes. This competition is most often seen among women in the world. We select the longest, hair the thickest hair, the best hair care and the most beautiful hair in the world.

The most beautiful hair in the world-The list of top countries


Latvia is one of the Baltic States and small country. They make various hair treatment things. Because of that reason Latvian are famous for blonde hair type. Latvia has predominated feminism around the country. It takes top of the most beautiful hair in the world.


Satan women have strong blonde hair. These are pure and have natural beauty. In the world the country of beauty is Sweden. There are amazing hair products available here because these countries have silkier and smoother hair quality of women.


Chinese women have silky black hair and medium length of hair. They found advanced cosmetic therapies. There may be a reason for get beautiful here.


Spain women have long hair. These are natural and various colours. We can see black, brown and blonde hair in Spain.


These women have straight black hair. They are oiling their hair more and they has unmatched quality hair among other countries. They take care about their scalp also.


Russian women have golden blond hair. They have very attractive skill using hairstyle. Russian women are very beautiful because they have low temperature and good weather condition.


Those sexy women have slightly darker version of blonde hair.


Italian women have dark brown hair. They also name as Bella because they are quite and pretty. People attract on them as they are owners of longer hair length and slim body.

South Africa

According to the most beautiful hair in the world the South African women have take a best place because they have dark and blonde curly hair. These stylish women who are owners for natural beauty hair.

What are the qualities of healthy hair? 

According to the most beautiful hair in the world the top country of Latvia has natural beauty hair. The quality of natural beauty is the most important thing to hair. All the beauty will be improved their value by become natural. If you have also natural, strong and healthy hair it also may be beautiful. You should try to maintain do hereby treatment within care of natural beauty of here. as well as the most important effect is your scalp for hair. Your scalp may be free of dandruff and it may be clean and clear. And also if it healthy one here growth well and strongly. When you are texture is smooth, hair beauty also improved. Always you should try to protect moisture of hair because it responds well to growth.

Somehow has shiny look. It also is a quality which you can get attraction of others. In the dry stones here feel break off or fray. But when you treat it well you can avoid this problem. Hair oil is the best treatment to hair. But it doesn’t need to be drenched in oils. When checking do you have a healthy hair you should pass a water test. Always healthy hair can repel water. As well as take the time what takes to dry your hair is to help measure the condition. If it takes long time it may be porous and over processed hair.  If you have minimum -shedding of hair, it also healthy. About these qualities maybe support to us understand the qualities which bad or good of hair. When select most beautiful hair these qualities will help us.

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