makeup after electrolysis

Makeup after electrolysis – What is this process?

In this article we will hope to explain the “Makeup after electrolysis.” What is the meaning of electrolysis process? It is a treatment of hair removal. In this process the artist uses thin wire into the hair follicle under the surface of the skin and an electric current move down the wire to the bottom of the follicle. Then it will destroy the hair root. When your face has extra and unnecessary hair growth you can use this process because it can provide permanent hair removal duty. It is a safe way to on the rest of the body. While this task you cannot give pain and it has no long-lasting effects. You can treat with this process for your back, bikini lines, breasts, face, fingers also under marks. So, with these things we will discuss the face treatment with electrolysis.

Everyone has thin and fine hair on their faces such as called peach fuzz. With those someone is worrying about it. so, they are looking to remove hair. there are some methods to remove them in today fashion industry. Among them electrolysis is a recommended process. You can do this with your dermatologist. While comparing this treatment with other treatments this will give you less damages. But there are the most common symptoms we can see with this such as slight redness, skin irritation, pain, swelling of the area. When you are having those infections, you can get advice from your doctor or artist. However, we must take care with this process ourselves. So, from this article you can get more details about that “Makeup after electrolysis”

How can I wear makeup after electrolysis?

If you are wishing to treat with electrolysis you must have a better awareness about it. you must know after care methods with this. Among them makeup is the important thing because you cannot wear makeup with your suggestions. You must not wear makeup on immediately after electrolysis. You should be safe to do that so about 24 to 48 hours after the process od=f electrolysis. You can see some red or irritated after your treatment on your face. So, it is very important t to avoid makeup in those situations. Before putting makeup, you must note the number of hours of your procedure. It is your responsibility to care your face skin well. So, the best thing is awareness before getting those treatments.

Not only after you should not wear makeup before this procedure. You must go to meet your doctor with clean face. In this situation you make sure that face is free from any makeup, serums, and lotions also. Not only makeup you must avoid foundations, blush, or anything like that. Face is the most sensitive area in your body. Therefore, after the electrolysis procedure you can see some little look a different change. The skin changes will depend on the persons. Some face will give harmful result with this process. So those people who must pay more attention to the treatment and do not wear makeup in those periods. After 24 or 48 hours if you wish to wear makeup be sure to wash your application brushes with a proper antimicrobial cleanser because dirty brushes give harmful result while wearing makeup.

How to care my skin after electrolysis process?

While discussing that “Makeup after electrolysis” we recommend you not apply any makeup astringents, alcohol, harsh soaps or cleansers or deep scrubs for at least 2 days. Do not use any foreign substance to your face. With this what are another thing that you do not do after your electrolysis process. Do not go under the sun without proper sunscreen for 72 hours. As well as while avoiding makeup you do not abrasive, or alcohol based facial products such as toner or scrubs. You must care for areas and treat it like a sunburn not a wound. You do not touch your treated areas and do not remove let the skin heal naturally. Until the recover your treated area it will be very important to give extra proper care for it. then you can get full of the best result from your electrolysis process.

With all these things it will be important to know what can you do after this process? You can take a warm water and you can use a MILD soap. They help to open pores and clean your skin. You can reduce the redness areas while using zinc oxide and adding moisture to the skin. As well as use a wrapped ice pack within 20 minutes. But do nit place directly ice to your skin. Sometimes your mouth may swell more than other areas treated and remember that is normal thing. You also sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling. While sleeping it will be particularly useful to remove any dried yellow fluid from your pores that may appear with a warm wet washcloth and do not pick. So, if you can follow these methods, you can get better result. However, “Makeup after electrolysis” is not recommended by us.

Bottom line

Electrolysis process is extremely versatile, and it will give you permanent results. As well as this process will help inhibit new hair growth for all and hair types. However, if you wish to treat with this process on your face, you must give an extra care it because face has sensitive skin. Not only that you must also give proper after care to this. Among them “Makeup after electrolysis” is the most valuable part. We recommend here do nit use makeup after at least 2 days. Some of the makeup products will include bleaching. Because of the bleaching your treatment area will affect with damages. Then it will turn redness or swelling also darkness your face. According to the skin type it will affect differently. So, if you do not give after caring it will give you damages. However, you must be aware with all this process before doing.

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