how to lighten hair in tanning bed

How to lighten hair in tanning bed? Simply explain

We will show you “How to lighten hair in tanning bed?” Tanning bed or sun bed is a machine which is using to produce an artificial tan. This is processing by imitating the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. This bed can produce emits 95% UVA and 5% UVB. But some of new models have an ability to produce UVA only. This will use to give people a tan and lighten their hair. When someone sits on the tanning bed the lamps stimulate the melanocytes to produce melanin. This will appear as a dark pigment on the epidermis. Here you can improve your appearance with absorbing a good amount of vitamin D in getting the tan. When you want to get perfect tan, it is difficult to stay under the sun within hours. Therefore, the developing world introduce this new product.

This is the easiest way, and this can give you more comfortable way to acquire an appealing tan. You can see these are in the local center or spa which supplies the best tanning beds. And you can purchase this bed to use in home. But there is an important thing which is you must be aware. When you are using this at home you must have the better experience to brows around for the right place to get your tan and should be aware some differences between tanning beds. We can mention here there are some manufacturers such as Solar Storm, Solar Wave and Sunfire. They recommend the high quality of tanning beds for common and private users. However now our question is that “How to lighten hair in tanning bed?” In above we mentioned only about the details of tanning beds. Follow we hope to discuss question.

How to lighten hair in tanning bed? Easy and safe methods

Tanning beds are helping to you for lighten your hair. This has an ability to affect the colour of hair along with your skin. From these bulbs or lamps, you can darken your skin with UV radiation. When this is processing UV rays turn the shade of darker. In here it will cause to lighten your hair also. But here the difference between nature of skin and hair will affect to this process. How to lighten your hair with this process? We can mention here human hair made with dead tissues and skin consists of layer of living tissues cells. While you are exposing hair to radiation the shaft will spends. Then hair pigment molecules will break. According to this process your hair become colour and lighten. With this text you can get some idea about lighten your hair with tanning bed.

In addition, we can note here radiations can penetrate deeper through the layers while reaching towards the skin. This ray presents there to trigger the production of melanin. And, in here the chemicals have responsibility to darken your skin. This will give direct affect to darken skin tone also then lighten the hair. And this process you should know that hair only include of water, pigments, lipids, and proteins. This is staying the same colour and state. This consists of replace only your new hair. When your hair is exposing the sun, it can change the colour by spending time in the tanning bed.

How to protect your hair while lighting with tanning beds?

In the above paragraphs we discussed that “How to lighten hair in tanning bed?” Now we are expecting to consider the safe methods with this task. UV ray has an ability to change your hair colour and significantly alter the chemical composition of your hair. With this method you should protect your hair from drying and fizzing. As a fist tip we can note here you should use the shower cap and pull hair up also tie them in a ponytail. If you wish to prevent your hair by becoming brittle and light in colour you must cover hair using cap when the entire tanning process. This can help your hair to keep the moisture and protect against UV ray. You can use a towel also as a shower cap because the thick towel material will help to prevent the radiation from getting in and affecting your hair.

Furthermore, you can apply heat protectant. You can buy those by the markets. If you do not like to use shower cap or towel you can go with heat protection as an option. You must apply this before going to the under of tanning bed. We can give an example hair protection treat that HIS professional Argen Oil Heat Protector. When you applied it on the scalp and roots of hair you should move them downwards towards the end. We can recommend here as another protection method that condition. When you are using a nourishing hair conditioner you can reduce hair damage from UV radiations. If you wish to lighten your hair by using tanning bet these tips will help you. You can find out any tips for that from experiences of customers.

How to lighten hair in tanning bed? Conclusion

If you wish to lighten your hair using the process of tanning bed, you can use lemon juice with mixing two parts of lukewarm water with one part of the juice. Then put it to the spray bottle and you can use it to wet hair properly. This will be a solution all over the hair that you want to lighten. And you can take part the awareness sessions which are conducting by fashion designers. Then you can get more information about all the process of this. In addition, those we can say here your blond hair also affected with tanning bed. It can be damage and you can see dry and distinct colour with this. However, this article will help to you for the get more details about that process and we think that you can get answers the question of “How to lighten hair in tanning bed?.

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