How to get rid of baggie jeans

How to get rid of baggie jeans

In this space we will explain you “How to get rid of baggie jeans?” This will be a common issue for all the men and women. When your jeans have gone baggy it will give uncomfortable feeling to you. We can see there are distinct types of jeans in market. Those are coming with distinct types of designs and materials. But sometimes you will buy baggie jean. While dressing it you cannot stand, walking, or sitting comfortably. Because of that reason you must have a good awareness about the fixing method of baggy jeans. So, by reading our article you can add more knowledge to your fashion world. We are inviting you to read our methods properly and follow them to get rid of baggie jeans simply.

How to get rid of baggie jeans? Easy methods

How to get rid of baggie jeans? As a first method you can wash it using warm water because hot water has an ability to shrink some fabric. Because of that reason this method became as a common and simple method. But sometimes this will not give positive results because some of the jean’s materials do not work much properly because some of them have artificial fibers. If you fail to get results you can follow our second method. It is, sew seams. After wearing your jean inside out you can pinch the loose parts of the jean. In that case you can get help from other one or you can stand in front of the mirror to pin. Using a pencil mark the lines where the jean is loose in a horizontal way. After that remove, the jean and sew the lines.

Furthermore, as another way you can tighten your jeans by dipping or soaking the waistband in warm water. What is the target of this? When you soak it in the warm water it will shrink the fibers and tighten the jean. You should wait for 5 minutes in this method. After that dry, the waistband by ironing using a hot iron or another same method. But here you must keep in mind this method is not giving permanent results. Therefore, you should do it more often. In addition, you can tight the waistband with sewing. First remove the center back belt loop from the jean. When you removed the loop mark a line on that area. After that try on the jean inside out and pinch the loose area. Next remove the jean and measure the area that you must remove. Then you can easily stitch the marks.

Can you style baggie jeans without fix it?

While considering the methods of get rid of baggie jeans we gave more methods above. But when you do not go for these methods, you will think about “can I style my baggie jeans without sewing or any other fixing methods. Yes, you can style them. As a first thing you can all a leather jacket. You can pair this with a fitted tank top and a leather jacket. Then it will give polish look. In addition of this you can dress it up with a tailored button down and a chic blazer. This is a new fashion among the people. We suggest you always keep it classic. You have a responsibility to keep a balance with your baggie jeans. You can also use a colorful crop top with some high-rise baggie jeans. Additionally, this style will need for some weather. So, you can match them according to these methods.

What are the types of baggie jeans?

Some people are looking for baggie jeans pants. They are not fixed their baggies because they would like to keep them as a style. Therefore, we can see there are several types of baggie jeans ideas. Everlane high jean is one of them. It is soft and comfortable. it is made for get enough structure and maintain an intentional look with super relaxed. So, you can wear it without any issue while walking also. Another one is boyfriend jeans. This is a jean of women, and it is intentionally made to look like a man’s style. Boyfriend jeans look best on what body type? Usually this is matching for skinny women, but other women also can wear it. As well as this is a little bit baggie like men’s pant. But it is more suitable for women with its structure and shape.

On the other hand, we can mention carpenter jeans. This is wearing most by carpenters and always it has a hammer loop on the leg. We can see from it the durable quality and the baggie shape is making stylish and comfortable look. You can wear it as a casual kit. Another one is fatigue baggie pant. It is popular as civilian wear and slightly loose fitting it allows easy moments. Herem is another baggie jean which is awesome for holiday relaxation, beaches or any other parties. It is very elegant and versatile with the hippy chic styles. However according to these types, you can select your desire and comfortable baggie pant.

How to get rid of baggie jeans? Bottom line

In this article we are discussing the question on “How to get rid of baggie jeans?” Now you will have an idea about the fixing method of baggie jeans. Today we can see there are several types of fashion designs. Among them baggie jeans have a popular place because their creativity and comfortable skill. Because of this reason people are not sometimes go for get rid of baggies using the methods such as stitching, add buttons or any other suitable type. According to the weather situations and social methods people are following the contemporary trends and fashions. As well as they have freedom to wear and try any fashions. However finally we suggest you always try to wear the most suitable cloths. When you wear well matched dresses you can increase your body appearance well. So, we are inviting you follow our guideline.

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