How to do nails and eyebrows without pliers

How to do nails and eyebrows without pliers? Eyebrow threading

In this article we will show you that “how to do nails and eyebrows without pliers?” If you do not have some pliers, you can use these methods. First, we can mention here how can you thread your eyebrows without pliers. Usually threading eyebrow is a safe way because it can give more benefits than other methods. It can remove all the tiny hairs that you are likely to miss with pliers. As well as it is less painful process than others. It will not give skin irritation and you can go with it faster and cheaper than using at home wax kits also. If you cannot do this yourself, you can go with a salon were in cities. If you want to get beauty appearance you also can try this. It will better than pliers.

How to do nails and eyebrows without pliers? What do you need?

How to do nails and eyebrows without pliers? Here we can give you steps of eyebrow threading without pliers. Before going to the process, you must need a fine-toothed comb, a small scissor, and a correct thread. Thread is the most valuable tool in this task. So, you can buy 100% cotton sewing thread. Need a piece of thread which has the length of your forearm plus about three extra inches. You must remember that when you use less string it can give you more control skill. If you have very coarse eyebrows, it will be useful to choose a thread that does not have a large amount of synthetic fiber in it. when you do not have 100% cotton with thread you must select a thread that has a high percentage of cotton in it. these are the essential tools with this process.

How to shape your eyebrows? Step by step

When you had all these tools you can start your process. First you must choose your brow shape carefully. You can use a pencil to mark the line that you want to remove hair because it will help to stay in the lines when you are threading. As well as it has an ability to prevent you from removing too much hair. After that sweep, your eyebrows hair upward using a comb. Then you can trim a tiny amount of the hair using a small scissor. Next you must sweep eyebrow downward and cut hair that are coming down from the line. Here you must be careful to do nit snip too much hair. after that normally comb eyebrow hair back and do this extremely lightly. You can trim all extra hair at the beginning of the eyebrows also.

After the above steps you can tie the thread into a big loop. To create it tie the ends of the threads and knot at the end of them. Here the thread must keep without be open. You must make a large and continuous loop. Twist the thread loop at the middle. Here you must hold the thread between your thumb and index finger. Then you can rotate your hand several times after putting one hand inside each end of the looped thread with your palms up. For twist the thread in the middle you should twist one hand clockwise and one counterclockwise. Then you can start the threading. Place the twisted section of thread under the hair and open the loop in the opposite direction that you want to thread. With this step the twisted portion of the thread help to tug out the hair on your eyebrows.

How to cut nails without pliers?

How to do nails and eyebrows without pliers? According to this question now you have an answer to one section that eyebrow shapes method. Now here we want to explain how to shape your nails without clippers or pliers? For that you can use a nail file or emery board because it will smooth and shaping your nails. When you do not have a cutting tool, you can use it. because of the gentler skill with the emery board most of the professional manicurists prefer using this without any cutting tools. As well as this will prevent to break after shaping and finishing your shapes of nails. Usually, emery board is made of heavy cardboard. However, when you ate going to use it you must have an awareness about the process of it.

Furthermore, we can note here when you are filling your nails you must hold the emery board or file at a slight angle to the edge of nails. Here you must remember that to move the file in one direction always. This is the most important part with this because if you are sawing back and forth, it can weaken and damage your nail and it will create uneven grooves. As well as always try to start at an outside edge. Also, it will be useful to move in one direction around the nail to the other side. If you are a beginner to this process, it might feel awkward at the first. But when you practiced it well you can do easily.

How to do nails and eyebrows without pliers? Bottom line

If you do not have a tool of pliers to shape your nails and eyebrows, you can go with another ways. How to do nails and eyebrows without pliers? So, with this article we gave you methods for that. Above process will give you some guest feeling. But when you do it at several times you can easily practice them. Among them eyebrow threading is more important than other one because it has more benefits. We suggest that you can try it because it will give not you some side effects anyway. We all are looking to improve our appearance. Therefore, today the fashion industry is introduced there a lot of methods to create beauty. But you must have huge awareness with them as sometimes they will give bad side effects. However, we think all these details will help you much.

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