How long after a perm can you straighten your hair

How long after a perm can you straighten your hair?

We are here to discuss the most important thing that using the question of “How long after a perm can you straighten your hair?”  Most of the people who are asking this question. therefore, we think give you more details around this process. Actually, can we straighten a perm? This is the main question. sometimes you will be worried about the result of this. You will have two options such as you are choosing a temporary solution or a permanent solution. Those options are depending on your wishes and if you want to keep the perm or not. But here you must remember that these methods will not work after perming. However, you should need a better awareness about this process. So, in this article will help you. Read this continually and drag the details.

How long after a perm can you straighten your hair? Can you do that?

If you are wishing to straighten the perm hair you will feel in the question of “can I straighten mu perm hair?” So, we can mention that “Yes you can.” After some time, you can do that. But here you must be ready to control the damages with the process. However today we can see perms more. It is a chemical process to change the natural texture if the human hair. It can create curly or wavy hair with the perm rods. We can recommend here according to your after-care treatments and hair type the results will be stayed. Today it has there are two types such as hot and cold. It has there been several types of methods also. However, with those methods after a perm you can straighten your hair. But we should find the answer to “How long after a perm can you straighten your hair?

How long after a perm can you straighten your hair? Direct answer

How long after a perm can you straighten your hair? Usually after your treatments with chemicals a stylist will take at least two weeks between chemical processes to make the hair normal. In addition of this the most suitable duration is a month to two months. Chemically processed hair such ad perm hair will cause high porosity and intense dryness for some individual. Here we can note when your hair is dry and chemically processes in the before the perms will be damaged. As well as when you are styling your hair using improperly permed it will also give bad results. Therefore, your care for them is especially important with this task. Usually give minimum at least a month to straighten after a perm hair.

How to do that with proper duration?

According to the above details you will get an idea about the answer for question on “How long after a perm can you straighten your hair?” It will be especially useful to find the method of strength your perm hair in the proper time duration. We can give several methods to strength your perm hair. They are, blow drying, straightening flat iron and reverse perm. Here it will be important to keep in mind perm will last when the solution is deactivated. It will activate between 3, 6 months after applied day. And here the most important thing is when you shower or wet your hair the perm will absolutely curl up. As well as if you are straight your hair once a week your perm will damage. We think according to the above all details before going to the straight your hair you should get advice about the process.

How to straight perm hair with blow drying? This is easy. First you should wash your hair using a smoothing conditioner and a gentle shampoo. Next you can apply a straighten product. You should use an excellent product that works well for your hair types. When you finished it, you can dry your hair to a blown-out look. Start it from the roots and continue it while brushing it. When it dries well choose the right flat iron to the process. Here you can temporarily remove the perm. However, we can say this is the most suitable way to straighten your perm hair. After that find, the appropriate heat setting according to the type of your hair. Then you are in the last step that straighten your hair. When the flat iron was warm up you can do the straighten task.

Can you use a gel for your perm hair?

You can use gel when you find the right get for your hair. But sometimes this will not work for some hair. it will not usually remove curl on their own. You can ask from your stylist about the best products. If you cannot do that you can also find the details through the internet. After found it wash and condition your hair using proper shampoo. Next add a dime sizes a bit of gel to hair and brush it. When you add the gel once you should blow dry your hair. After that click, your hair if necessary and keep it dry. After that unclip or untie the top layer and dry that section.

How long after a perm can you straighten your hair? Final words

How long after a perm can you straighten your hair? This question will be solved with the article. So, we think now you will have a good awareness towards the process of straighten permed hair. However finally we suggest you before going to the process you must take advice about the process from professional artist. Then he or she will give you a guideline. So, when you finish the process, you should also follow the after-care methods. You can condition well to care it. Keep your hair healthy as possible using a conditioner. As well as we suggest you avoid using hair ties or any other same thing to tie your hair. If you can follow our all the instructions, you will be happy with this process.

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