Does black hair turn brown before gray

Does black hair turn brown before gray? Simply explain

From this article we hope to discuss that “does black hair turn brown before gray” Now we are finding the reasons for that. According to our genes our hair colour and eye colour will be different. In here those genes will be turn off or turn on with the time. With this process your hair colour also may be change. Among those genes there is a most important one in our body. It is giving hair colour which is pigment.  This pigment name as a melanin. This is the secret for hair and skin colour on human body. The cell of melanocyte is making the melanin. The melanin of hair is at the bottom of each strand of hair. Your hair colour turn brown and white as an effect of the melanin.

When we are discussing that melanin, we can identify two types of this. They are eumelanin and pheomelanin. Within the amount of eumelanin pigment our hair will turn black, brown, or grey. In addition, when our age is changing hormonal of the body also will change. Another affect to this is nutrition, temperature, sun exposure and other various factors. As this our genes also making melanin turn on or off over the lifetime. This is a main reason for your hair colour to change from black colour to grey. This is a natural phenomenon of human body. We all are going to end of the life. Not only hair but also all the parts of body will be change differently. We can’t change this process never. These hormonal changes have not a limit within age.

Does black hair turn brown before gray? What happen here?

When we are going age, our hair eventually turns gray and then after white. The reasons for that we noted in above. While wearing out melanocytes on your hair they have not ability to pass the pigment on to the cells. Then it can’t get included in the new hair because without correctly passing pigment. When hair received only little pigment it may be gray or when hair doesn’t get any pigment hair may become white. Usually, melanocytes will die. But if you are at the young age, you can build and replace new ones. If you are at the old age your cells have not ability to make new cells. Therefor that area of hair will not get any pigment and it will turn brown. While processing this continually it will become white.

In addition of this natural phenomenon there are some other reasons affect to this. Chemicals are main reason in here. With you are bleaching your hair it changes the chemical makeup because exposing your hair to very reactive chemical. Bleaching has hydrogen peroxide a main ingredient. This will react with the water in your blood. They can colourless while reacting with the melanin pigments. As well as the clorine in the water also give some bad effect to your black hair changes. From these details we think that you can get some idea about this process. However, we suggest that the main reason for that is age. In our childhood we have a black hair when passing the age, it will become some colour changes step by steps.

Is your natural black hair suddenly brown?

If you are in your old age, it may be normal process that your hair change. But in your early age if it is starting to become a brown it’s not normal thing. Does black hair turn brown before gray? We mentioned the reason in above, but we should pay attention to the reasons for why they suddenly become gray or white in your early age are. Sun will be a reason for that. When you are spending more times in outdoors such as travelling or paling and other workouts your hair will become gray or white. Therefore, you must be careful while stepping out from 11 am to 4 pm. Main reason for that is UVB and UVA rays. And you should avoid washing your hair with hard water minerals. Hard water has magnesium and calcium, and it will be cause to damage to the texture of hair.

As well as your physical healthy also will be affect to this. If you have some diseases, hair colour will change as its side effect. You can get treatment for those things; you should consult a doctor to solve those problems and side effects. And you must be careful while you dye and style your hair. When you are styling your hair that process will give harmful result of your hair. Therefore, you should aware while you are using the tools. Your melanin of pigment should stay without die. And when you are going to exposure sun you can wear s hair mask once every week to strengthen the roots. In the developing fashion designs have more tips and methods to black your hair. There are various brands of black hair available in the shops. But if you go with those methods, you should be careful from harmful chemicals.

Does black hair turn brown before gray? Conclusion

With this article we mentioned that “does black hair turn brown before gray?” As a conclusion we can say yes because when human is going to old their melanin of pigments also go to old. When melanin became decrease their black colour of hair also start to change and fade their colours. The first step here is brown colour. After that the melanin decreasing continually hair colour also become white or gray colour. This is the main summary of this article. But here we define another more detail about your hair colour and its fade. However, we can say that we can’t control this natural phenomenon, but we can do some repair to the hair. You can use those methods while thinking their chemicals which are giving harmful effect to hair. Finally, we can say that hair protection task will be depend on your hand.

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